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Dog Breeding & Whelping Articles and Links
Metritis **
Cleft Palate
Birth Control
Hip Dysplasia
Tube Feeding
Swimmer Pups
Contraceptives **
Mycoplasmosis **
Puppy Vaginitis **
Raspberry Leaf
Fading Puppies
Pregnancy Loss
Whelping Chart
False Pregnancy
Submissiveness **
Umbilical Hernia **
CPR in Newborns
Lactation in Dogs
Retained Placenta
Canine Pregnancy
Growth Rate Chart ** 
Neonatal Disorders
Whelping Calculator
Conquering Disease
Toxic Milk Syndrome
The Make Up of Milk
Predicting Parturition 
Infertility in the Bitch
Breeding & Whelping
Vitamin C & It's Role **
Nutrition & Pregnancy **
Reproduction and Diet **
Practise Makes Perfect **
Puppy Sales Contracts
Pregnancy Termination
Bottle-feeding Orphans
2 + 2 + 2 = 10 Or More
Pregnancy Events Chart
Feeding the Baby Puppy
Genetics & Reproduction
Building a Whelping Box **
Pregnancy Determination **
The Responsible Breeder! **
Selecting the Show Puppy
Oestrus Induction in Dogs
Abortion & Pregnancy Loss
Developing High Achievers
A Thumbprint Of Influence **
Proper Feeding of Orphans
Supplement Feeding Guide
Whelping and First Contacts 
Thoughts on Sorting a Litter
Pedigree Software Programs
Dog Coat Colours & Patterns
Controlling Genetic Diseases 
Reproductary Tract Problems **
Whelping Temperature Chart **
Monitoring Canine Pregnancy
Canine Herpes Viral Infection 
The Maternal Grandsire Effect **
Puppy Milk Replacer Formulas
So You Want to be a Breeder?
Risk Factors Linked to Puppies
Spontaneous Abortion in Dogs **
Dehydration and Fluid Therapy
Growth of Small Breed Puppies
Reproductive Problems in Dogs
Aspirating the Throat & Nostrils
Vitamin A Overdose in Puppies
Dog Coat Colours and Patterns
Drugs During Canine Pregnancy
Wombaroo Puppy Milk Replacer
Canine Breeding & Reproduction
Breeding is Not for Fun and Profit
Mechanisms of Endocrine Disease
Hand-Rearing and Supplementing
Normal Physiologic Values of Dogs
Risk Factors Related to the Mother 
Reproductive Effects of Herpesvirus
Bacterial Infections in Young Puppies
Neurological Stimulation In Newborns
Reproductive Diseases of the Female
7 Foundations of a Successful Breeder
Whelping & Managing Healthy Puppies 
Critical Periods of Canine Development
Disorders of Mineral Metabolism in Pups
Vaccinations & Minimum Disease Prevention
Breeding Soundness Examination of the Male
Canine Health Articles and Links
Pannus **
Giardia **
Hernias **
Dry Eye
Candida **
Tumours **
Snake Bite!
Ears & Eyes
Liver Shunt
Cleft Palate
Handy Hints
Dehydration **
"Snow Nose"
"Collie Nose"
Canine Bloat
Tail Damage **
Aspergillosis **
Grass Eating ** 
Canine Teeth
Hip Dysplasia
Liver Disease **
Canine Health
Food Allergies
Skin Problems
Corneal Ulcers
Ocular Adnexa **
Swimmer Pups
Colloidal Silver  
Diet & Nutrition
Cranberry Juice
Raspberry Leaf
Canine First Aid
Controlling Pain
Prozac for Dogs **
Alternative Care
Puppy Strangles
Canine Diseases
Interdigital Cysts **
Eyelid Conditions **
Tracheal Collapse **
Eyelash Disorders ** 
Chronic Bronchitis **
Raspberry Cordial
Canine Physiology
Herbal Treatments
Papillomas (Warts) **
Diatomaceous Earth
Intestinal Giardiasis
Prednisone for Dogs **
Urinary Incontinence
Antibiotics & Steroids **
Antidote to Diarrhoea
Nail & Paw Conditions
Treating Osteoarthritis **
Digestive Disturbances **
Hydrocephalus in Dogs
Toxic Shock Syndrome
List of Veterinary Drugs
Plants Poisonous to Dogs
Megaoesophagus in Dogs **
Mammary Tumors in Dogs **
Retained Deciduous Teeth
Bacterial Diseases of Dogs **
Physiologic Values of Dogs 
Coprophagia (Poop Eating)
Vit. C Snake Bite Treatment
Normal Haematology Values
Inflammatory Bowel Disease **
Blood & Circulation Problems **
Veterinary Terms & Definitions
Selected Canine Malocclusions
Household Medications for Pets
Bone Diseases of Growing Dogs
Disorders of Mineral Metabolism
Controlling Pain the Holistic Way
Eosinophilic Granuloma Complex **
Natural Treatments for Diarrhoea **
Chromodacryorrhea (Tear Stains)
The Endocrine (Hormone) System **
Nutrition and the Immune System
How to Check the Respiratory Rate
Combination 'D' Tissue Salt Treatment
Diseases and Infections in the Canine - Articles and Links
Rabies **
Tonsillitis **
Canine Flu **
Lymphoma **
Liver Disease **
Hip Dysplasia
Kennel Cough
Bone Diseases
Cancer in Dogs **
Canine Epilepsy
Diskospondylitis **
Fungal Diseases **
Canine Diseases
Dental Anatomy **
Canine Anatomy
Immune System
Anal Sac Disease **
Deafness in Dogs
Addison's Disease
Bacterial Diseases
Portosystemic Shunts **
Coagulation Disorders **
Vitreous Degeneration
Auto-Immune Diseases
Diseases of Canine Ears
Panosteitis (Puppy Limp)
Canine Prostatic Disease **
Intestinal Lymphangiectasia **
Veterinary Treatment Drugs
Vaccinations versus Nosodes
Kennel Hygiene & Disinfection
MLP - Medially Luxating Patella
Degenerative Myelopathy (DM) **
OCD - Osteochondritis Dissecans
PRA - Progressive Retinal Atrophy
PPM - Persistent Pupillary Membranes 
Subvalvular Aortic Stenosis (SAS)
Skeletal Diseases in Young Dogs
PDA - Patent Ductus Arteriosus
Inflammatory Bowel Disease
Urinary Tract Infections
Cane Toads and Dogs
Nail & Paw Conditions
Allergic Skin Disease
Wobblers Syndrome
Canine Ehrlichiosis
Vestibular Disease
Testicular Tumors **
Prostatic Disease **
Dog Show Crud
Bowel Disease
Syringomyelia **
Skin Diseases
SKIN PROBLEMS & DISEASES in the Canine - Articles and Links
Hair Loss **
Hot Spots
Itchy Dogs **
Canine Acne
Otitis Externa
Yeast Infections **
Atopic Dermatitis **
Sulphur Ointment **
First Aid for Burns
Benadryl for Dogs
Ringworm in Dogs
Acral Lick Granuloma
Recurrent Flank Alopecia **
Demodicosis (Red Mange)
Breed-Related Dermatoses
Combination D Tissue Salts
Homemade Relief Remedies
Canine Cutaneous Histiocytoma **
Vitamin C and It's Role **
Bacterial Diseases
Fungal Diseases **
Dog Show Crud
Colloidal Silver
Food Allergies
Skin Links
Quarantine in Australia and around the world
Quarantine To/From Australia
Aust. Quarantine Office Locations
Aust. Quarantine Accommodation
Quarantine for All Other Countries
Animal Air Freight Companies
Asian Countries
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What's New
** Information Links on WA
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All about Dog Shows - how, where, results, future show dates etc!
Show Trolleys
Show Supplies
All About Showing
Show Bait Recipes
Championship Titles
Success In Show Dogs
Australian Show Scene
Conformation Showing
Practice Makes Perfect
Dictionary of Dog Terms
** International Show Dates
Selecting the Show Puppy
World Kennel Associations
Show/Grooming Gear for Hire
** Australian Royals Show Dates
** Aust. Public & School Holidays
Australian Dog Show Equipment
Dog Friendly Accommodation in WA
When the Best Dog Looks “Different”
Emergency situations and the Dog - what to do, how to help!
** Poison!
** Vomiting
** Canine Flu
Ear Taping
Snake Bite!
** Toe Fracture
** Canine Bloat
** Tail Damage
** Car Sickness
Burns & Dogs
** Fever in Dogs
** Broken Bones
Canine Health
Paralysis Ticks
** Wound Healing
Canine First Aid
Canine Anatomy
CPR in Newborns
** Various Ailments
Caring for Wounds
Herbal Treatments
Cane Toads & Dogs
Bandaging Your Dog
Cocoa Mulch is Toxic
Aspirin Toxicity (ASA)
** Heat Related Injuries
Bee and Wasp Stings
Dog Terms & Glossary
Emergency Treatments
Orphaned Wildlife Care
List of Veterinary Drugs
 Plants Poisonous to Dogs
& NOT Poisonous to Dogs
Giving Aspirin to Your Dog
Chocolate Toxicity in Dogs
Rawleigh's Antiseptic Salve
Normal Hematology Values
Giving Benadryl to Your Dog
What to Do in an Emergency
Household Medicines for Pets
Homemade Elizabethan Collars
Controlling Pain the Holistic Way
How to groom a Lowchen, Chinese Crested Dog and every other breed!
Pet Clips
** Boric Acid
Top Knots
Ear Taping
** Tear Stains
Clipper Care
Growing Coat
Grooming Tips
** Trimming Nails
Wrapping Coats
** Blowing the Coat
Breed Blades Chart
Using Clipper Combs
Groomed For Success
Removing Skunk Odour
** Breed Specific Grooming
** White Coats & Tear Stains
Pre-Conditioning Oil Recipe
** Lack of Hair Growth in Dogs
** Individual Breeds Grooming
Growing Hair on a Doorknob
Items in my Grooming Room
Chromodacryorrhea (Tear Stains)
How the Dog’s Coat Gets Renewed
Bathing & Drying a Long Coated Dog
INSTRUCTIONS ON HOW TO BUILD A: doghouse, kennel, whelping box, ramp etc...
Dog Boots
Helpful Tips
Build a Kennel
Build an Aviary
Build a Cattery
Build a Dog Pen
Build a Rat Cage
Build a Fish Pond
Build a Dog Ramp
Build a Dog House
Build a Kennel Run
Make Show Curtains
Build a Rabbit Hutch
Build a Whelping Box
** Build Agility Equipment
** Free Dog Sweater Patterns
Make Your Own Dog Treats
Equipment for Other Animals
Homemade Elizabethan Collars
Everything you need to know about DIET & NUTRITION for the canine
Diet Index
Bait Recipes
Food Allergies
Feeding Myths
Herbs for Dogs
** Herbal Intoxication
Foods NOT to Feed
Natural Diet Recipes
Essential Fatty Acids
The Make Up of Milk
Dietary Antioxidants
** Nutrition & Pregnancy
Dog Food Ingredients
** Reproduction and Diet
** Vitamin C and It's Role
Nutritional Value Of Fish
** What Meat Should I Feed
Nutritional Value Of Raw Eggs
Nutritional Value Of Raw Liver
Nutritional Value Of Raw Tripe
Nutritional Value Of Raw Lamb
Nutritional Value Of Raw Heart
Nutritional Value Of Raw Tongue
Nutritional Value Of Raw Chicken
Nutritional Value of Kangaroo Meat
Nutritional Value Of Cottage Cheese
Nutritional Value Of Chicken Gizzards
Nutritional Value Of Raw Lamb Kidneys
Nutritional Value Of Whole Milk Yoghurt
Disorders of Mineral Metabolism in Pups
Dietary Antioxidants are Important for Pets
  Protein Requirements for Good Nutrition
Nutrition and Skeletal Disease in Pups
Ways That Nutrition Affects Behaviour
The Role Of Vitamins And Minerals
Nutrition and the Immune System
Calcium-Phosphorus Ratio Chart
** Milk Thistle: The Herbal Wonder
Nutrient Requirements for Dogs
** Satin Balls & Weight Gain Diets
** Vitamin Toxicity in Dogs
Feeding the Baby Puppy
Orphaned Wildlife Care
** Nutrition & Your Puppy
** A Lifetime Of Nutrition
** Overweight Dogs
The Role of Diet
Alternative Care
Anti-Yeast Diets
Low Protein Diet
INFO & ARTICLES on the canine
Travel Tips
Training Tips
Canine Artists
Show Supplies
Poetry & Prose
Fight Puppy Mills!
Pedigree Contracts
Mail Order Supplies
General Canine Links
Australian Quarantine
Canine Jewellery & Art
Featured Canine Artists
Orphaned Wildlife Care
Canine Gifts & Clothing
World Kennel Associations
Rawleigh's Antiseptic Salve
Pedigree Software Programs
Age of Dogs in Human Years
Obsessive-Compulsive Disorder
First Aid
Fly Bites
Bee Stings
Spider Bites
Handy Hints
Lice on Dogs
Paralysis Ticks
Boric Acid Uses
Brown Dog Tick
Repellent Plants
Herbal Treatments
30 Home Remedies
Cane Toads & Dogs
Diatomaceous Earth
Natural Flea Products
Natural Flea Remedies
Snake Proofing Fences
Parasites in the Canine
Snake Bites & Vitamin C
Understanding the Flea Lifecycle
OUR AUSTRALIA - beautiful photos, things to do, places to go!
Aust. Recipes
Aust. Anthem
** Save the Dingo
Waltzing Matilda
** Info on Australia
** Public Holidays List
Wildlife Photo Gallery
Scenic Australia Gallery
Aust. Wildflowers Gallery
** Information on Perth & WA
FUN & FEATURES - Games to play, tricks to do
Email Lingo
Quiz Master
Mind Reader
Age Calculator
Area Calculator
World Population
World Times Clock
Currency Converter
Air Flying Distances
Your Chinese Zodiac
Dog Years Calculator
Hit It! Test your skills!
Percentages Calculator
Lottery Numbers Picker
Temperature Converter
Love Compatibility Test
Featured Canine Artists
Your Birthday Countdown
What Day Were You Born?
Download Times Calculator
Weights & Measures Converter
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Löwchen & Crested Ring
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Awards We've Won

  SPECIAL ARTICLES by Dr. Steven Metcalfe BSc BVMS (Hons) MSc MACVSc
  • Ultrasound Pregnancy Diagnosis ....more

  • Vaginal Bacteria in the Bitch ....more
  • Investigations into the efficacy of doramectin on reactivated somatic larvae of Ancylostoma caninum Ercolani 1859 (Ancylostomatidae) in pregnant bitches ....more
  • A study on the prevention of prenatal and galactogenic Toxocara canis infections in pups by treatment of infected bitches with ivermectin or doramectin ....more

  • Investigations into the prevention of neonatal Toxocara canis infections in puppies by application of doramectin to the bitch ....more
  • The efficacy of doramectin on arrested larvae of Ancylostoma caninum in early pregnancy of  bitches ....more
  • Medially Luxating Patella (MLP) ....more

Steven S. Metcalfe BSc BVMS (Hons) MSc MACVSc
Applecross Veterinary Surgery
9 Sleet Road, Applecross,
Western Australia
PHONE: (08) 93647666

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