Allowing the female dog (bitch) to have puppies can be a wonderful experience. However, dog owners must understand the responsibility that comes with breeding since overpopulation is a tremendous problem. There are too many abandoned and unwanted mixed and purebred dogs in pounds and shelters all across the country that have to be euthanised (put to sleep) each year. Unless every newborn puppy is guaranteed a loving home, dogs should be spayed or neutered before they reach sexual maturity (6 to 16 months of age, depending on size and breed).

Responsible breeders do not breed unless we are convinced that our knowledge, experience, and devotion to our favourite breed will result in a mating that will produce an exceptional litter of puppies, with qualities that are as near as possible to the ideal for that breed. We breed to preserve and to enhance the characteristics that make our breed unique. In short, we breed to improve.

One of the major differences between an ethical breeder and a backyard breeder is that we care enough to be educated on all aspects of our breed and we take responsibility for what we produce, regardless of the cost.

For conscientious dog breeders, the challenge is to provide nutrition for the dam that will allow her to not only feed her puppies, but also to maintain her own condition.


I have collected these links together to share with you, as I have found many of them to be invaluable over the past years. I must stress that the information contained in these links are not a substitute for professional Veterinary care, and should not be used for diagnosing or treating a health condition. When in doubt, call your vet! There are a tremendous number of well-written, interesting articles by highly experienced breeders which I am sure you will enjoy.

To understand Genetic Frequencies, click here to read an excellent article.





Tip: Bitches in Season
If your bitch is in season, and you are not planning to mate her, you can give her liquid Chlorophyll (from the Health Shop). Start with 5 mls and increase it daily to about 2 caps full daily for a medium size dog. Some handlers have succeeded in masking the oestrus odour by giving the female chlorophyll tablets at the first sign of the heat cycle. It is believed to take the stress off any male animals when the female oestrus odour is "masked". Chlorophyll has been found to be non-toxic, soothing to body tissues and safe for use by people of all ages and animals.

Tip: Small Litters
For increasing fertile eggs in the bitch, Parlodel is frequently used (available from the vet).
For bitches who produce small litters it can be worth testing bitches for Neospora Caninum Disease.

TIP: Lactating Bitches
Fenugreek herb is one of the most powerful herbs that help in bringing the milk down in lactating bitches. Use capsules or make a tea.

TIP: Lactating Bitches
Give your girl a drink of beer, warmed if necessary and with honey added. This can help to stimulate milk production.

TIP: Bitch Supplements
I give the brood bitches extra A, B's and Folic Acid from the 6th week of pregnancy until the end of lactation, and the puppies until roughly 12 weeks. 'Titch' is a good supplement and easy to get in Australia.

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