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Probably the best whelping guide on the net is written by Debbie Jensen of Imperial Shih Tzu.
This is now available for purchase in E-Book (pdf format) for $10.00, or on CD for $25.00 plus postage.

Debbie Jensen Whelping Guide
Home of Whelping Guide

Letter to You
Why I became an Imperial Shih Tzu breeder

Whelping Photos
See pups as they are born

Heat Cycles
First days of heat

Pre Natal Care of pups
Care of the Bitch before and during Pregnancy

Mating your dog
Best days to bred your bitch

The Stud
His ability to produce sperm and mate and
artificial insemination

Is she Pregnant
Signs she is pregnant

Java Due date
Inside her body fertilization to birth

Due Date Chart
Puppies are usually born 61 days after conception

Temp Chart
Taking a dogs temperature and recording her
temp to predict her whelp day

Print Temp Chart
Taking her temp to determine whelping time

Whelping Supplies
Hemostats, bulb syringes, towels tons of them
Labor Stages
Digging, Shivering and Panting

See a Live Birth
See my Shih Tzu deliver a pup

Hard Labor Begins
Whelping the puppies

Aspirating Throat & Nose
Removing Fluids from the nasal passages

Umbilical Cord
How to cut the umbilical cord

Difficult Whelp (Dystocia)
What to do if she's in distress

Care of Bitch
Discharge, Retained Placentas, Eclampsia

Puppy Care
Fading Pup, Bottle Feeding, Tube feeding,

Weaning the pups
Giving the pups food

Disease of Dogs
Distemper, Hepatitis, Parvovirus

Worms and Fleas
Roundworm, tapeworm, Coccidia & Fleas

Selling Your Puppies
Placing your Puppies

Debbie Jensen Whelping Guide



Note: Bitches that won't produce their milk after whelping can be given 2 tablets daily (with meal)
of Metomide (Metoclopramide) until sufficient milk is produced. Metomide is available from your Veterinarian.


Cleft Lip/Cleft Palate

Cleft lip (hare lip) results from failure of fusion of the two sides of the lip during embryonic development. It is not cosmetically appealing to owners, but does not usually cause a problem. It can be surgically corrected. 

Cleft palate is a more serious condition involving a failure of fusion of the two sides of the palate. This can involve the soft palate only or the hard and soft palate. This defect can be inherited genetically or can be due to an event occurring during embryonic development. 

Cleft palates are usually discovered when young animals are presented to the vet because of nasal discharge, coughing, and not keeping up with littermates in terms of weight gain. Surgical correction is done once animals are old/big enough to undergo anaesthesia. Without repair, most or these animals will die of pneumonia. 

Puppies and kittens should be examined with in the first few days after birth for cleft palates. If one is discovered, the pet should be examined by a vet, and not allowed to nurse from the mother, but rather tube fed until reaching a size/age at which they can undergo anaesthesia. 

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