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  - A - House Names
AIMON castle, palace
ALCOTT the old cottage
ALSTON noble one's settlement or old temple stone
ALTON old town or place
AMERIGO home ruler
AMORY home ruler
ARDLEY home lover's meadow
ARMITAGE one who lives by the hermitage
ARMOREL dweller by the sea
ASCOT eastern cottage
ASHBURTON ash tree or manor house
ASHBY ash tree farm
ASILO home
ATWORTH the farmstead
  - B - House Names
BAJITH a house (Biblical)
BARNUM nobleman's home
BARTON barley settlement
BEAUFORT beautiful fort
BERTON bright settlement
BETH house
BETHABARA the house of confidence (Biblical)
BETHANATH house of affliction (Biblical)
BETHANY the house of song; the house of affliction (Biblical)
BETH-AVEN the house of vanity; of iniquity of trouble (Biblical)
BETH-BARAH the chosen house (Biblical)
BETH-BIREI the house of my Creator, the house of my health 
BETH-CAR the house of the lamb (Biblical)
BETH-DAGON the house of corn, or of fish (Biblical)
BETHEL the house of God (Biblical)
BETHEMEK house of deepness  (Biblical)
BETHESDA house of mercy
BETH-GADER a house for a mouse (Biblical)
BETH-HACCEREM house of the vineyard (Biblical)
BETH-HARAN house of grace (Biblical)
BETH-LEHEM house of bread (Biblical)
BETHLEM house of bread
BETH-MEON house of the dwelling-place (Biblical)
BETHPHAGE house of my month, or of early figs  (Biblical)
BETH-RAPHA house of health   (Biblical)
BETHSAIDA house of fruits, or of food, or of snares (Biblical)
BETHSHAN house of the tooth, or of ivory, or of sleep (Biblical)
BETH-SHEMESH house of the sun (Biblical)
BOLANILE this house's riches
BOOTH dwelling place
BORG from the settlement
BRIDGER lives near the bridge
BRIGHAM little village near the bridge
BROMLEY dweller in the meadow
BROUGHTON settlement near the fortress
BURCHARD castle strong
BURDEN hill fort
BURFORD fjord near the castle
BURGESS citizen of a fortified town
BURKE from the fortified settlement
BURLEIGH clearing with a fort or manor
BURNABY fighter's estate
BURTON fortified enclosure
  - C - House Names
CADBY fighting man's settlement
CAIRN stone pyramid
CALA castle, fortress
CÂMARA house
CANBERRA meeting place
CARDEW black fort
CAREY near the castle
CARLETON farmer's settlement
CARLISLE the fortified tower
CARVELL swampy dwelling
CASA house
CASEY vigilant
CASHLIN little castle
CASILDA dwelling place
CASITA cottage
CASONA manor house
CHADWICK the fighter's settlement
CHARLTON Charles's dwelling
CHÂTEAU mansion, castle
CHETWIN little house on the twisted road
CHILTON farm near the well
CLINTON settlement near the headland
COBHAM homestead at the river bend
COLBY dark farmstead
COLTON dark settlement
CONDO house
COTTAGE small house
COURTNEY court-dweller
CROFTON settlement of the cottages
  - D - House Names
DALPHON the house of caves (Biblical)
DALTON from the farm in the valley
DARAH house of the shepherd or of the companion (Biblical)
DARCIE from the fortress
DARDA home of knowledge (Biblical)
DARDUR bark shelter
DARNELL the hidden spot
DARTON settlement of the deer
DEMELZA fort on a hill
DENTON settlement in the valley
DINSMORE the hill fortress
DOMAINE estate
DOMELA mistress of the home
DOMUS home
DÚN a fortress or fortified castle in Irish myth
DUNMORE big fortress on the hill
DUNTON fill settlement
  - E - House Names
EATON settlement on the river
EDSEL wealthy man's house
ELLSWORTH nobleman's estate
ELONBETHHANAN the house of grace or mercy (Biblical)
ELSTON settlement of the nobleman
ELTON old farmstead
EMERY home ruler
ENRICA home ruler
ENRICO estate ruler
ENRIQUETA ruler of the home
ENZO estate ruler

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