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Names of Gods of Love and Sexuality

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Name Origin Attribute
Achtland Celtic goddess of Wanton love
Aedos Roman goddess of Modesty
Aeval Celtic goddess of Sexual relations/Small size
Aidin Celtic goddess of Love/Sexuality
Aine Irish goddess of Fertility/Love
Aisha Qandisha Morocco goddess of Sexual activity
AIZEN MYO-O Japanese God of Love and Lust
Ala Nigerian goddess of Fertility/Morality
Alalahe Polynesian goddess of Love
ALBINA Etruscan goddess of dawn and protector of ill-fated lovers
Al-Lat Arabic goddess of Fertility/Procreation
AlpanAlpan Etruscan goddess of Love
Ame-No-Uzume Japanese goddess of Fertility
Amon Egyptian god of Fertility
Amor Roman god of Love
Anahita Persian goddess of Fertility/Semen
Anath Canaanite goddess of Love
Angus Og Irish god of Love
Annallja Tu Bari Sudanese goddess of Sexuality
Anna Perenna Etruscan goddess of Reproduction/Wanton/Love
Anteros Greek god of Love/Passion
Antheia Greek goddess of Love, Flowers
Aphrodite Greek goddess of Fertility/Sexual love/Beauty
Apis Egyptian god of Fertility
Arianrhod Welsh goddess of Fertility/Wanton love
Artemis Greek goddess of Chastity/Virginity/Fertility
Asase Yaa Ashanti goddess of Fertility
Asherali Canaanite goddess of Fertility
Ashtoreth Phoenician goddess of Fertility
Ashur Assyrian god of Fertility
Astarte Phoenician goddess of Fertility/Love/Sacred sexuality/Sex
Astlik Armenian goddess of Love, Fertility
Astraea Greek goddess of Modesty
Astrild Norse god of Erotic Love
Athtart Canaanite goddess of Fertility
Auseklis Latvian goddess of Love
Baal Syrian/Canaanite god of Fertility
Backlum Chaam Mayan god of Male sexuality/Sex
Bangan Philippine goddess of Love
Bastet Egyptian goddess of Fertility/Love/Sex
Bau Sumerian goddess of Fertility
BEBHIONN Irish goddess of Love/Pleasure; Queen of the Underworld
Benten Japanese goddess of Love
Bes Egyptian god of Love/Marriage
Bidhgoe Celtic goddess of Love/Sexuality
Bintang Borneo goddess of Love
Boann Irish goddess of Fertility
Brag-srin-mo Tibetan goddess of Fertility
Brangwaine Welsh goddess of Love
Branwen Irish goddess of Love
Brigit Irish goddess of Fertility
  Ca-the-na Mohave goddess of Love
  Ceres Roman goddess of Fertility
  Cernunnos Celtic god of Fertility
  Cerridwen Celtic goddess of Fertility
  Chac Mayan god of Fertility
  Chalchiuhtlicue Aztec goddess of Love/Beauty
  Chicomecoatl Aztec goddess of Fertility
  Chou Wang Chinese god of Sodomy
  Cinteotl Aztec god of Fertility
  CLIODHNA Irish goddess of Love and Beauty; queen of the Munster fairies
  Conchenn Celtic goddess of Love
  Cotys Thracian goddess of Fertility
  Cupid Roman god of Erotic Love
  Cythera Greek/Cyprian goddess of Love
Demeter Greek goddess of Fertility
Diana Roman goddess of Chastity/Virginity/Fertility
Dumuzi Babylonian god of Fertility
DWYN/DWUMWEN Welsh god of Love
Dzydzilelya Polish goddess of Love
El Canaanite god of Fertility
Enki Sumerian god of Fertility
Eros Greek god of Erotic love/Passion/Sex
Erzulie Voodoo goddess of Fertility/Love/Virginity/Beauty/Sex
Eueucoyotl Aztec god of Fertility/Sex
Ezili Fon goddess of Beauty/Love
Faumea Polynesian goddess of Fertility
Faunus Roman god of Fertility
Finncaev Irish goddess of Fair love
Flora Roman goddess of Love/Prostitution
Frey Scandinavian god of Fertility
Freya Norse goddess of Fertility/Love/Beauty/Sex/War
Freyr Norse god of Phallic Fertility
Frigg Germanic goddess of Fertility/Marriage
Gefjon Germanic goddess of of Fertility
Gekka-O Japanese god of Marriage
Ghede Voodoo god of Fertility/Love
Hathor Egyptian goddess of Fertility/Love/Marriage/Beauty
Haumea Hawaiian goddess of Fertility
Havea lolo fonua Polynesian goddess of Intercourse
Hebe Greek goddess of Beauty
Hecate Greek goddess of Fertility
Hera Greek goddess of Marriage/Motherhood
Hestia Greek goddess of Marriage
HIMERUS Greek God of Love/Sexual Desire
Hina Hawaiian goddess of Fertility
Hora Roman goddess of Beauty
Hsi Shih Chinese goddess of Face cream
HUEHUECOYOTL Aztec god of Music/Dance/Song
Hymen Greek/Roman god of Marriage/First love
HYMENAIOS  Greek god Marriage Ceremonies/Inspiring Feasts/Songs
  Ichpuchtli Aztec goddess of Lust/Pleasure
  Inanna Mesopotamian goddess of Fertility/Love
  Indra Vedic god of Fertility
  Inemes Micronesian goddess of Love/Sexuality
  Ishkhara Babylonian goddess of Love, Priestess of Ishtar
  Ishtar Assyrian goddess of Fertility/Love/Sex
  Isis Egyptian goddess of Fertility/Marital/Devotion/Motherhood
  Ix Chel Mayan goddess of Sexual relations
  Juno Roman goddess of Marriage/Motherhood
  Kama Hindu god of Love
  KAMADIVA Hindu god of Love
  Kane Hawaiian god of Fertility
  Kanikanihia Hawaiian goddess of Love
  Kapo Hawaiian goddess of Abortions/Fertility
  Ken Egyptian goddess of Love
  Khem Egyptian god of Fertility
  Kilya Inca goddess of Marriage
  Kishi-Mojin Japanese goddess of Motherhood
  Kokopell'Mana Hopi goddess of Fertility
  Korawini?i Paiute goddess of Intercourse
  Kupalo Slavic goddess of Fertility/Sex
  Kurukulla Tibetan goddess of Love, Wealth
  Lada Slavic goddess of Love
  Lakshmi Hindu goddess of Love/Beauty
  Lempo Finnish god of Frenzied Love
  Liber Italian god of Fertility
  Lofn Scandinavian goddess of Love
  Luamerava African goddess of Sexual desire
  Lulong Borneo goddess of Love
  Lutinus Roman god of Fertility
  Macha Irish goddess of Fertility
  Maia Roman goddess of Fertility
  MAMI WATA African goddess of Fortune/Healing/Sex/Water
  Manannan Celtic god of Fertility
  Mariana Brazilian goddess of Love
  Matronit Spanish goddess of Chastity/Promiscuity/Motherhood
  Medb Celtic goddess of Sexuality/Intoxication
  Mens Roman goddess of Menstruation
  Mhaya Tanzania goddess of Deserted lovers
  MILDA Lithuanian goddess of Love
  Min Egyptian god of Potency/Fertility
  Morongo Zimbabwe goddess of Love/Sexuality
  Mot Canaanite god of Fertility
  Mut Egyptian goddess of Fertility
  Mylitta Babylonian goddess of Fertility
  Naamah Canaanite goddess of Fertility/Sex
  Nambi Masai goddess of Love/Sexuality
  Ndauthina Fijian god of Adultery
  Nehalennia Germanic goddess of Fertility
  Ninhursaga Sumerian goddess of Fertility
  Njord Norse god of Fertility
  Nu Wa Chinese goddess of Marriage Arranger
  Oba Yoruba goddess of Protector of prostitutes
  Odudua Yoruba goddess of Fertility/Love
  Oenghus Irish god of Love
  Ops Roman goddess of Fertility
  Oshun Ana Yoruba goddess of Love
  Osiris Egyptian god of Fertility
  Pachamama Incan goddess of Fertility
  Pacha Mama Aztec goddess of Fertility
  PAN Greek god of Male Virility and Sexuality
  P'an Chin-lien Chinese goddess of Brothels/Lasciviousness/Prostitution/Sex
  Pantang Mayang Borneo goddess of Love
  PEITHO Greek goddess of Persuasion/Seduction
  Peko Estonian god of Fertility
  Prende Slavic goddess of Love
  Priapus Greek god of Fertility
  Pudicitia Roman goddess of Modesty
  Qadesh Syrian goddess of Sacred Love, Pleasure
  Qadshu Syrian goddess of Fertility
  Qetesh Egyptian goddess of Sex
  Quan Yin Chinese goddess of Fertility
  Quetzalcoatl Aztec god of Fertility
  Rangda Balinese goddess of Fertility/Sexuality/Lust
  Rati Hindu/Balinese goddess of Fertility/Love/Passion/Sex
  Ratu-Mai-Mbula Fijian god of Fertility
  Rhea Greek goddess of Fertility
  Rod Slavic god of Fertility
  Satis Egyptian goddess of Fertility
  Selket Egyptian goddess of Fertility
  Sessrumnir Germanic goddess of Fertility
  Shiva Hindu god of Fertility
  Sif Norse goddess of Fertility
  Sjofn Norse goddess of Love/Passion
  Suadela Roman goddess of Persuasion in Love/Romance/Seduction
  Sukkamielli Finnish goddess of Frenzied love
  Tagabayan Philippine goddess of Adultery/Incest
  Taka rita Polynesian goddess of Adultery
  Tammuz Mesopotamian god of Fertility
  Tane Polynesian god of Fertility
  Taueret Egyptian goddess of Fertility
  Tellus Roman goddess of Fertility
  Tenye Te'en Nigerian goddess of Marital fidelity
  Thalia Greek goddess of Burlesque
  Thunor Germanic god of Fertility
  Tlazolteotl Aztec goddess of Love/Licentiousness/Sex
  Tsilah Wedo Haitian goddess of Beauty
  Turan Etruscan goddess of Love/Vitality
  Ueuecoyotl Aztec god of Fertility
  Ursule Haitian goddess of Love
  Ururupuin Micronesian goddess of Flirting
  Urvasi Hindu goddess of Success in Love Affairs
  Var Norse goddess of Marriage Vows
  Venus Roman goddess of Love
  Vesta Roman goddess of Marriage
  Voluptas Roman goddess of Sensual Pleasure
  Xipe Totec Aztec goddess of Fertility
  XOCHIPILLI Aztec god of Love/Games/Beauty/Dance/Flowers/Maize/Song
  Xochiquetzal Aztec goddess of Fertility/Love/Sensual Pleasure/Sex
  Xtabay Mayan goddesses of Seduction
  Yarilo Slavic god of Fertility
  Zizilia Polish goddess of Love
  Zoria Slavic goddess of Beauty


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