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Voudoun Goddesses


(Adja, Adja Bosu) A loa who governs spring water. Her eyes are protuberant, and she is posessed of a bad temper.

In Haitian legend, the mother of the sky god Joca-huva.

Aunt Nancy
The Haitian voodoo Spider Woman. Aunt Nancy is an evolution of Anansi, in the folktales of the Gullah of South Carolina.

(Aida-Wedo) Considered by anthropologists to be the equivalent of African creator goddess Mawu, she is known as the Rainbow Snake. She is the loa of fertility and new life, and the snake companion of Damballah-Wedo (Bon Dieu), a snake loa and representative of the ancenstral knowledge of Vodou. Her colour is white, and she is offered sacrifices of white chickens and egg whites.

(Aizan) The first priestess, with Loce, the first priest. The loa of the marketplace, herbal healing, initiation rites and the psychic swomb of mankind. She does not posses the serviteur during rituals and ceremonies, but protects of the houngoun (temple). Her colours are white and silver, and her symbol is the palm leaf.

(Brigitte) She is the loa of money, with special influence over ill-gotten fortune and black magic. Her colour is purple, and black chickens are sacrificed in her name.

The spirit of a woman who died as a virgin. As penance, she must live in the woods for many years before she is allowed into heaven.

(Ezili, Erzulie Fréda Dahomey) The Radu goddess of romance and dreans, the loa of love, beauty, art and luxury whose roots go back to West Africa. She is beauty, sweetness, love and sensuality personified and is renowned for her generosity. On her fingers she wears three wedding rings, her three husbands being Damballa, the serpent god; Agwe, god of the sea and Ogoun the warrior hero. Her colours are pink and blue; she adores sweets, perfumes, make-up and champagne. Those seeking luxury sacrifice white doves to her.

Erzulie Dantor
She is the dark aspect of Erzulie, the loa of jealousy and vengeance. She is often cruel; her colours are red and black and her symbol is a heart pierced by a dagger.

Erzulie Ge-Rouge
This goddes may manifest in those who have been possessed by Erzulie. She huddles together with her knees drawn up and her fists clenched, weeping as she laments unfulfilled dreams and the limitations of love. She is personified as a water snake.

La Sirène
She is an aspect of Erzulie representing the sea, and is often seen as a mermaid.

Mademoiselle Charlotte
A Haitian loa (of Caucasian or European appearance) who manifests with the personality traits of a white woman.

Maîtresse Délai
A Haitian loa who walks with the tambourine player (the hountor).

Maîtresse Hounon'gon
A Haitian loa that personifies the "place of sound", the chanting of the canzo (an ordeal by fire).

Maman Brigitte
The Haitian voodoo goddess who protects the graves in cemeteries that are marked with the cross. Her masculine counterpart is Ghede (Baron Samedi, the god of eroticism, death and ressurrection).



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