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The Tolkien Black Speech Dictionary


Here is a brief dictionary for Tolkien's black speech used by e.g. orcs.

agh "and"
ash "one"
-at infinitive suffix, or possibly a specialized "intentive" suffix
indicating purpose: Ash nazg durbatulûk "one Ring to rule them all"
bagronk  "cesspool", possibly bag+ronk "cess+pool"
búbhosh  "great"
burz "dark", (isolated from Lugburz.), burzum "darkness"
dug "filth", tentatively isolated from pushdug
durb- "rule", infinitive durbat, only attested with suffixes:
durbatulûk "to rule them all"
ghâsh "fire" (stated to be derived from the Black Speech,
may or may not represent Sauron's original form of the word)
gimb- "find", infinitive gimbat, only attested with a pronominal
suffix: gimbatul, "to find them"
glob  "fool"
gûl "any one of the major invisible servants of Sauron dominated
entirely by his will" (A Tolkien Compass). Translated
"wraith(s)" in the compound Nazgûl, "Ringwraith(s)".
hai "folk", in Uruk-hai "Uruk-folk" and Olog-hai "Troll-folk".
ishi "in", a suffixed postposition: burzum-ishi, "in the darkness".
krimp- "bind", infinitive krimpat, only attested with a pronominal
suffix: krimpatul, "to bind them"
lug "tower". Isolated from Lugburz
Lugbúrz the Dark Tower, Sindarin Barad-dûr (Lug-búrz "Tower-dark")
nazg "ring": ash nazg "one ring", Nazgûl "Ring-wraith(s)"
Nazgûl "Ring-wraith(s)", nazg + gûl
olog a variety of Troll apparently developed by Sauron.
Olog-hai "Olog-people".
pushdug "dungfilth", possibly push+dug "dung+filth"
ronk  "pool", tentatively isolated from bagronk
skai    interjection of contempt
sha   interjection of contempt
sharkû  "old man"
snaga "slave"
thrak- "bring", infinitive thrakat, only attested with suffixes:
thrakatulûk "to bring them all"
u  "to"
-ûk "all", suffixed to pronominal suffixes: -ulûk, "them all"
-ul pronominal suffix "them".
-um "-ness" in burzum "darkness".
uruk a great variety of Orc.

-aga          misprint for `-uga' `Vinyar Tengwar'
-at           verb infinitive
-hai          people (collective plural)
-i            noun plural after consonant
-ishi         in (case suffix)
-ob           of (case suffix)
-u            noun plural after consonant
-ub-          verb future tense suffix
-ug           verb present active participle
-uga          verb past passive participle
-uuk          all
-ul           them
-um           -ness, -yness
-uur          for (case suffix)
-uurz         a common adjective-forming suffix
-z            noun plural after vowel
a-            prefixed to an interrogative makes it into a relative
agh           and
albai         elf (or) elves
amal          where (relative)
ash           one
Azog          PN an orc-leader of Moria (LOTR III; TH)
bagronk       dung-pit
Bolg          PN an orc-leader (son of Azog), slain by Beorn (TH)
bugd-         call (v)
burguul       shadow (`burz + guul')
burzum        darkness
buub          pig
buurz         dark (adj)
durb-         rule (v)
durub         ruler
dush          (meaning unknown)
Dushgoi       PN Minas Morgul
Dushgoizagh   Morgul Pass
duump-        doom
fauth-        lie hidden
gaakh         let it be that (= Quenya `nai')
gakh          three
gazat         dwarf
ghaash        fire
Ghaash        PN an orc of Kirith Ungol
ghashum      heat
gimb-         find (v)
glob          filth
goi           (meaning unknown)
Golfimbul     PN leader of orcs of Mount Gram, slain at Greenfields
golug         elves (Angband Orkish (without suffix) for "Noldor" pl.)
Gorbag        PN an orc-leader of Minas Morgul, killed by Shagrat (LotR III)
goth          lord, master ('Gothmog')
Gothmog       PN (see `goth') (elsewhere treated as Sindarin)
Grishnaakh    PN an orc of Mordor, slain by Rohirrim (LOTR II 437)
gund          stone
guul          wraith
hosh          guts (= viscera)
ilid          elf (or) elves
Khamuul       PN second in command in the Nazguul
krak          five
krimp-        bind (v)
krith         nine
Lagduf     PN an orc of Kirith Ungol, killed by Morgul Orcs (LOTR III)
lat           you
lata-         under PREP
lug           tower
Lugburzum     (n) the very dark patch of dark around Barad-duur
Lugbuurz      PN Barad-duur
Lugdush       PN an orc of Isengard, slain by Rohirrim (LOTR II)
Lughorn       PN an orc
m-            root of interrogative words
mal           where? (interrog)
mat-          die (v)
matuurz       mortal (adj)
Mauhuur       PN an orc of Isengard, slain by Rohirrim (LOTR II)
mog           voice ('Gothmog')
Morgoth       PN (see `goth') (elsewhere treated as Sindarin)
Muzgash       PN an orc of Kirith Ungol, killed by Morgul Orcs (LOTR III)
narkuu        never
nazg          ring
Nazguul       Ring-wraith (< `nazg + guul')
nuut          sky
oghor         Druuadan
olog          Mordor light-tolerant troll
prakh-        lure (v)
pushdug       stinking (adj. or participle)
Radbug        PN an orc of Minas Morgul, killed by Shagrat (LOTR III)
Saruman       PN the wizard (Mannish word)
sha           together with (prep)
Shagrat       PN an orc of Mordor (LOTR III)
shakh         lord
shara         man (= not elf etc)
sharkuu       old man (Isengard Orkish)
Shelob        PN the giant spider monster of Kirith Ungol (LOTR III)
Shelobzagh    PN Kirith Ungol
skai          gah! (exclamation)
Snaga         PN an orc of Isengard, slain by Rohirrim
Snaga         PN an orc of Kirith Ungol, slain by Sam Gamgee
snaga         slave (and used by Uruk-hai as = `orc of smaller breed')
srinkh-       gather (v) (transitive)
ta            him
tab           his (< `ta + ob')
tak           them
tala          above (prep)
tark          man of Nuumenoorean descent (< Quenya `tarkil')
thrak-        bring (v)
throqu-       devour (v)
tug           only (adv)
u             to (prep.)
udu           seven
Ufthak        PN an orc of Kirith Ungol, caught by Shelob (LOTR III)
Ugluuk        PN an orc-leader of Isengard, slain by Eomer (LOTR II)
uliima        throne
uruk          one of a breed of big orcs
uzg           land
Yaguul        PN an orc
za            this
zagh          mountain pass

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