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I would like you to consider the female power of the Sun as a means to reclaim the Power of Woman. As a means to reclaim the power of the Sun, let us honor Goddesses who come to us as the Sun. Let us greet them!

Saule - Latvia & Lithuania (Saul - a)
Saule wears silken garments,with a silver crown, with a silver crown, made of gilded leaves.
Saule crosses the lake, brilliant as tinsel, and polished slippers on her feet.
Goddess Mother Saule reached her hand above the river.
Her shawl, her gilt shawl, slipped from her shoulders.
I open the window to Saule,
I look out at Saule.
Ah! It�s too short this life that I live in her light.
The sun mother weaves shawls in the middle of the sky.
Two are solid gold the third is solid silver.
Saule, my amber weeping Goddess creating light like thread.
As "Saules Mat" my mother sun, daily blessing your thankful world with light.

Freya - Germanic (Fray - ya)
Out of the morning lands beautiful Freya came, as she passed.
Out of her gold locks shaking spring flowers, came she to Scoring.

Shakti - India (Shock - ti)
Sky endless I spread my wingS to fly
Silent motionless Desert of eternal dreaming mind
I am the Eagle who glides upon the wind
I am the messenger of stillness
Teacher of Samadhi
I am the third eye
Encompassing translucent body
I am the bird spirit the spirit of primordial space
I am the medicine stream flowing from the life of nature
I am the precious patchoulI growing in her meadow
I appear in the heart of Buddha
I am the healing golden sun.

Surya- India (Ser - i - a)
At the dawn of this world we were nourished by the purity, peace, and prosperity of Surya�s face.
Strength and harmony proceed from her warmth.
Without her, the light in us becomes remote.
She is the friend of the sick and the fortunate.

Brunissen - Celtic (Broo-nis-en)
At sunrise and sunset are moments of stillness when the light of Brunissen is most easily found.
She is not the sun of the outer world but rather the Black Sun of the inner world.
She helps us find the acceptance of darkness and light in ourselves.

Igaehindvo - Cherokee (E- gay -hin-vo)
I am Sun and Day
I am Sun Sister to the Earth Mother, Elihino, and the Corn Mother, Sehu Woman.
It was when you forgot to give me proper attention, that I, Igaehindvo, began to burn the Earth.
It is not too late to once more bring offerings. Carry me in your heart and we, my sisters, will once more walk in honor.

Walu - Australia (Wa - loo)
Dreaming Walu, Sun Woman awakens and stretches, streaming light into the sky.
Stroking the soil, life burst forth bringing new, lovely, green land.
Warming us with Her arousing rays, making us feel like playful children.
Painted with rich designs in red ochre, Walu emerges as a New Woman!

Amatersu - Japan (a - MAT�- era- SU�)
At dawn, Amaterasu rises and shines Her beautiful face on us.
Slowly She begins Her dance of power across the sky, spreading Her divine brightness.
Spinning and weaving are Her inventions,
The Perfect Mirror is Her face.
Staring into it, we are reminded to expose ourselves to Her rays.
Let Her light blind us to our imperfections and shine on our true origins.
"Though I am Woman, why should I shrink?"

Hathor - Egypt (Ha - tor)
Queen of All, Hathor turns Her eye to us.
Knowledge, as well as love, rests in the eye.
Lioness of the Sun, Womb of the Gods,
Powerful Golden One.
Allow Hathor to show the naked, wild, tousled woman inside.
Lady of Light, stalking across the desert,
Illuminating the Shadows.

Sekhmet (Sek - met)
Mother of the Dead
Lady of the Scarlet Colored Garment
At whose wish the Arts were created
Sekhmet is a wanderer in the wastelands.
She who is ever victorious in battle
Yet a great one of healing is known for Her
Power of Heart
Beauty of Spirit
Strength of Character
She is the Flaming One
She is the Gleaming One of Beautiful Light.

Cailleach & Aine - Irish (Cow - leash & Yo - neh)
I am Cailleach, the meager blue hag.
My face is blue
My teeth are red and
I have only one eye.
I am the Winter Queen.
My name means "dark of the sun".
I am ruler of the "Little sun of winter."
I am also my sister, Aine,
Our battles go on.
I am the light and heat of summer
and known as the best hearted woman ever.
I bring back youth and life.
I am the May Queen
and I spin threads of sunlight into cloth of gold.

Sul - Gaelic (Sool)
Hail to thee, thou sun of the seasons,
As thou traversed the skies aloft;
The steps are strong on the wing of the heavens,
Thou art the glorious mother of the stars.
Thou liest down in the destructive ocean
Without impairment
without fear;
Thou risest up on the peaceful wave-crest
Like a queenly maiden in bloom.

Much of the material on this page can be found in the book "O Mother Sun" by Patricia Monaghan. It was in reading this marvelous book that I first came to know Goddess as Sun and how important it is for women today to claim the power of the Sun as their own. It was also in my research within the covers of this book that I first saw the name Bendis, who for years now has been a mighty presence in my life.



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