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Siberian Goddesses


Baikal/Siberian sea goddess.
The mother goddess of the Yakuts of Siberia, Ajysyt was seen to be present whenever one of her people gave birth, and she brought with her the soul of the child, so that a complete human being could be brought into existence. She was also seen to reside on a mountain with seven stories, where she wrote every new birth into a golden book, and controlled the fate of men. Ajysyt is said to have appeared to a white youth who, having encountered a clamlake of milk beside the cosmic tree, gave praise, and was then witness to the vision of the goddess from the roots of the tree. Ajysyt offered the youth milk from her breasts, and he drank, and found his strength increased a hundredfold.
Goddess of animals.
Baikal/Siberian goddess of the dark and of the underworld.
In Tungus myth, they are female spirits of protection.
Koryak/Siberian - Known as "Little Grandmother," this goddess of the Koryak people of Siberia is Matron of Reincarnation. She presides over birth and reincarnation. It is said that when a child is born, the father ties a stone on a string and attaches it to a stick. Then, holding the stick horizontal to the ground, he recites all the names of his and his wife's dead relatives. When Anapel makes the stone swing at one of the names, they know that the child is the reincarnation of that relative.
Bugady Musun
Evenki/Siberian goddess, mother of all animals.

(Chukchi/Siberia) A sea goddess and wife of Peruten, god of the sea.

Dunne Enin
Tungus/Siberian - An important goddess in Siberia; she ruled over the clan territory.

Hotogov Mailgan
Buriat/Siberian - Goddess of heaven at night.

Samoyd/Siberian - a benevolent earth goddess.

Vogul/Siberian - Goddess of birth.

Mother Goddess of the Chukchi. She gave the secret of magic to humans.

Yakut/Siberian - Goddess of cattle.
Khanty/Siberian - The ancient goddess of hunting among the Mansi and Khanty peoples of Siberia. She ruled all bird and animal life, as well as those who hunted them. At her command, birds and animals would either come to the snare or leave it empty. To mortals she had the appearance of a greyhen (an arctic bird).



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