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Russian Goddess Names


Goddess of the land of the dead. She is represented as half woman, half bird.

Goddess of fresh water.
A tree goddess. When one cuts down a tree, or trims it, one must ask forgiveness of her.
(Russian Georgia) A goddess of the hunt; she ruled over all wild horned animals.
A heroine that is featured in a Russian folktale about a firebird.

The moon goddess.

A fertility goddess.

Goddess of cattle.

Mid Summer goddess.

Goddess of sleep.
The Rusalki were water nymphs and can be found in both Slavonic and Russian mythology. They were thought to be the spirits of drowned girls. In south-eastern Europe, they were commonly pictured as beautiful, siren-like creatures who would attempt to lure unsuspecting passers-by into the water with their magical song. In the northern Europe, they were considered to be malevolent, unkempt and unattractive creatures, who would grab travellers from the river banks and drag them down into the river and drown them.



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