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Polynesian Mythology/Goddess Names


The Maori goddess of mirages.
(Atanea) A Polynesian (Tahuatan or Marquesas) goddess of dawn who creates the fire in the morning. She became the wife of Atea after he became a male god. Their child is Tu-Mea, the first man, and it is said that amniotic fluid from one of her miscarriages became the sea.
("vast expanse", "light") The goddess who filled the dome of the sky when the world was created. After the birth of her son Tane, she changed gender and became a male god.
("daybreak") The Polynesian goddesses of dawn. There are several words and goddesses for the successive stages of dawn. Atarapa is the first created being.
(Hine) Goddess of darkness, who brought death to humankind by slaying the god Maui. While sailing with her brother Ru, she drifted off to the moon, liked what she saw, and decided to stay, thereby becoming Hina the Watchwoman and a patroness of travelers. In Maori legend she was the first woman, created from sand by the god of sky and fertility, Tane, to be his wife. WHen she discovered she was his daughter as well as his wife, she fled to the underworld and became the goddess of death.
Maori Great Goddess of Darkness and of the underworld, Po. Maori legend tells of how the hero Maui tried to make men immortal by penetrating her body, but she crushed him to death; which led to the ultimate mortality of all men.
The Tahitian primordial mother goddess.
According to the Polynesians of the Gilbert Islands, sho created Heaven and Earth with her father Naruau.
Maori moon goddess.
Maori vegetation goddess.



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