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Persian Names "a" - A -
Name Sex Meaning
Aabroo  (F) Honour, fame, dignity
Aarzoo (F) Desire, wish, hope
Aas  (M) Hope, desire
Aazam (M) Greatest, supreme
Abbas (M) Frowning looking austere, Lion
Abbaseh (F) Name of Harun al-Rashid's sister. Lioness
Abrisham (M) Silk
Abroo (M) Honour, fame, dignity
Adar (M) Fire
A�TAVA (M) An Ashavan, son of Mayu 
Afareen (F) Praise, to create
Afra  (F) Praise, Maple tree
Afrand   Splendour, glory
Afreen (M) Praise, acclamation
Afrooz/Afrouz   Illuminating,  dazzling
Afsaneh A fairy tale
Afsar (M) Crown
Afsarud Din (M) Crown of the religion (Islam)
Afshak   Dew
Afshan To sprinkle
Afshar   Companion, partner, accessorial
Aftab (M) Sun
Afshid   Splendour of the sun
Ahang Harmony, melody, tune
Ahou/Ahoo   Deer
Ahura Mazda Wise Lord
AINAIRYA   A Babylonian
Akhgar   Sign of fire
Akhtar (M) Star, good omen, good fortune
Akhtar Zamir (M) One possessing an enlightened mind
Akhund (M) An honorific title of someone learned in religious matters
Akhundzada (M) Son of a person learned in religious matters
Akram (M) Honourable, great
Aktay   One who stays with his tribe or people (in Azerbaijani)
Alaleh A flower (Buttercup)
Alamgir (M) World conqueror, Title of Mughal emperor Aurangzeb
Aliyeh Noble, highest social standing, great
Almass (F) Diamond
Amani  (F) Security, trust
Ambarin (F) Perfumed, fragrant
Amir (M) King, Emir
Amira (F) Feminine form of Amir (King)
Amitis (F) Kourosh's daughter
Amutiya  (F) Damsel (in Zand)
Anahid Goddess of water (Anahita)
Anahita  (F) Name of deity worshipped by ancient Iranians
Anita (F) The plant Myrtle (in Zand)
ANJUM (F) Stars
Anoosheh   Happy, fortunate 
Anosha Joy 
Ara   Ornament, decoration 
Araam (F) Relief, comfort
Arad   Name of an angel
Arang Color 
Arash (M) A hero in Persian folklore
Arashk (M) The first king of the Ashkanian dynasty
Arasteh   Adorned
Arastoo Aristotle
Arastu   A swallow 
Arayeh Adorn, ornament 
Arda   Name of a priest of the Magi (during Sassanid period)
Ardashir Righteous ruler
Arezoo   Wish, a character in Shahnameh 
ARDUMANISH (M) Ally of Darius
ARIYAMNA (M) Great-grandfather of Darius
ARKHA (M) An Armenian rebel
Armiya Jeremiah
Arnavaz   Eloquent speaker
Arousa/Arusa Name of an Indian plant
Arousha/Arousha   White, bright
Arsalan (M) Lion, brave man
ARSES (M) Son of Artaxerxes III
Arshad   Head of a group, the marcasite stone
ARSHAKA (M) Persian King
Arsham (M) Very powerful, strong
Arshasb   Possessor of stallions
Arshia Throne
ARTAVARDIYA (M) One of Darius's generals
Artay (M) Strong
ARTOSTES (M) Son of Darius II
Arvand (M) Majesty, grandeur
Arzu (F) Wish, hope
Asa Decoration, majestic
Asad (M) Lion
Asha Myth name (protector of fire) 
Ashraf (M) Nobler or Noblest
�SINA (M) An Elamite rebel
Asmaneh Sky
ASPACANAH (M) Bow-bearer of Darius 
Assim (M) Great one
Ata To give
Atanaz (F) Father's sweetheart, Daddy's girl
ATHIYABAUSHNA (M) Father of Arsaces
Atisheh Fire
Atoosa (F) Name of Kourosh's daughter 
Aurang (M) Throne, intellect
Aurangzeb (M) Adorner of the throne, (King), a Mughal Emperor
Avishan Wild Marjoram, Oregano, Thyme
Avizeh   A pendant
Aydin Clear
Azad   Free
Azara Scarlet
Azarakhsh   Flash of fire
Azarang Bright, shining, flame-colour, red
Azargol   A flower (Wildflower)
Azargoon A red rose 
Azarin   Chamomile flower, Related to fire
Azhand Name of a flower
Azim   Big, great
Azita (F) Name of an Iranian princess
Azur   Blue
- B - 
Babuk Chamomile flowers
BAG�BIGNA (M) A Persian, father of Hydarnes
BAGABUXSHA (M) An ally of Darius
Bahador   Brave or a Precious Jewel
Bahak Name of a bird
Baharak   A plant (Corydalis)
Bahar (F) Spring, Blossom
Bahar Bano (F) Blooming Princess
Bahraman Ruby 
Baidar (M) Attentive, enlightened
Baiza  (F) White, Bright, Pure
Bakhit (M) Lucky, fortunate
Bakhita (F) Lucky, fortunate
Bakht (M) Fortune, luck
Bakhtiyar (M) Fortunate, lucky
Banafsheh   A flower (Violet)
Banan  Tips of the fingers
Bano (F) Lady, Princess
BARDIYA (M) Brother of Cambyses 

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