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Nature Goth

For you to understand why these names are nature goth, you have to understand what a nature goth is. I have these idealistic images for a lot of things; impressions and slight glimpses in my mind of what some things should be.

Now, if I were saying this to you out loud, you would have to close your eyes. Since you have to read my words, just picture as best you can. Take these moments I give you; varying degrees of the nature goth ideal. Process them. Believe.

There's a girl with long, long hair sitting by the side of a moonlit pond. Her hair is brownish, natural, and slightly tangled bad not too bad off for a day hiking around the forest. There's a single rose braided into her hair, so the flower is hanging down around her chin. (The thorns have been taken out and are sitting in a smalll cedar box in her room.) She's trailing the fingers of her right hand in the pond. Her nails are long, strengthened so they won't snap right off. She's staring across the pond, at the darkness of the trees there. If she could, she would get up right now and dance across the water, the moonlight wrapping around her and lifting her and dancing with her. She has on a long black robe, clasped only at the neck, and she's wearing a very medieval dress underneath, with a few green highlights, but it's mostly black. Her eyes are lined in black, and her lips are dark brown. She takes in the feeling of the wind surrounding her, and it gives her strength. She closes her eyes and breathes in, tasting the air. She relishes this feeling of being alone in the stillness; the living stillness.

There's a girl in a room draped with material so all the corners and straight lines are hidden. She's kneeling on a wolf blanket, in front of a cedar chest that's covered with crushed flower bits, ash, burning candles of at least five different colors and shapes (dozens of candles), and a lot of dripped wax. Red hair past her chin, in front of her face, covering her eyes (exagerated with a few dark lines). She murmurs prayers out the window, to the full moon that's staring in at her. Her lips are black, worn off slightly from kissing a friend's cheek to say goodbye. The beauty of the moon is bringing tears to her eyes, and black is slowly ebbing down from her eyes. Very slowly. She is wearing very loose olive green pants, cotton, and a well-worn shirt for Type O Negative, with a forest scene printed on the front. The only lights are the candles and the moon. If there were lightning, it would be perfect. She puts her hand up onto the cedar chest as she prays. Her green nail polish is chipping off of her long nails. Spirits surround her in the room, holding back, not daring to disturb her as she consults with her Goddess; the moon.

Nature goth is a very fragile, idealistic, beautiful image. The moon is very important. It's mostly autumn and winter related, and I always relate things like ravens with it. Here's a list of names that I think work for the nature goth ideal.

  • Aislinn � vision/dream. (Irish, Celtic, Gaelic)
  • Alana - awakening. (Hawaiian)
  • Alaura - laurel. (Latin)
  • Aleta - truth. (Latin)
  • Alethea - truth. (Greek)
  • Alma - soul. (Latin)
  • Amaris � child of the moon. (Greek)
  • Amaryllis - fresh/sparkling. (Greek)
  • Amaya � night rain.
  • Ambrosine - immortal. (Greek)
  • Araxie - river that inspires poetic expression. (Armenian)
  • Ariana - silvery. (Welsh)
  • Autumn � duh. (Greek)
  • Badria � moonlike.
  • Blythe - free spirit. (Old English)
  • Brenna � raven-maid/little raven. (Celti/Gaelic)
  • Busana - night/girl of the moon. (Chechen)
  • Cascata � waterfall. (Italian)
  • Celine � goddess of the moon.
  • Ceridwen - goddess of poetry. (Welsh)
  • Chandra � moon. (Sanskrit)
  • Damarys � gentle. (Greek)
  • Denisha � unknown meaning.
  • Devin � poet. (Celtic)
  • Erela - angel. (Hebrew)
  • Fala - a crow. (Native American)
  • Fanya � free one.
  • Hazelle � the hazel tree. (Celtic)
  • Isadora - gift of the moon. (Greek)
  • Iva � to promise.
  • Javan - angel. (Latin)
  • Jenessa � white phantom.
  • Jora � autumn rain.
  • Jordyn � flowing down. (Hebrew)
  • Jovana � majestic. (latin)
  • Kamalia � like the moon.
  • Kalyca - rosebud. (Greek)
  • Kavindra � mighty poet.
  • Kestrel � hawk.
  • Kynthia - moon. (Greek)
  • Laqueta - the quiet one.
  • Layla - night. (Arabic)
  • Leandra - like a lioness. (Latin)
  • Leigh - poetic. (Anglo-saxon/Gaelic)
  • Livana - lunar. (Hebrew)
  • Naida - water nymph. (Arabic)
  • Neesha � night.
  • Nevada - snowy. (Latin)
  • Oleta - winged one. (Old English)
  • Parkyr - guardian of the forest. (Old English)
  • Philomina - nightingale. (Greek)
  • Pyralis - of fire.
  • Rayne - counsellor. (German)
  • Risa - laughter. (Latin)
  • Rosalia - rose garlands. (Latin)
  • Salena � the moon.
  • Seda - forest voices. (Armenian)
  • Shahar � the moon.
  • Shea - fairy place. (Celtic/Gaelic)
  • Silva - woodland maid. (Latin)
  • Silvana - forest.
  • Tabitha - doe. (Aramaic/Hebrew)
  • Tacita - silence.
  • Tara - tower/crag. (Celtic)
  • Tatiana - fairy queen. (Latin/Slavic)
  • Tayce - silence. (French)
  • Vala - chosen. (English)
  • Valonia - of the vale. (Latin)
  • Vesta - guardian of the sacred fire. (Latin)
  • Vidonia - vine branch. (Latin)
  • Waneta - shapeshifter. (Native American)
  • Wyntir - born in the winter. (Anglo-saxon)
  • Yepa - winter princess. (Native-American)
  • Yolanda - flower/violet/modest. (Greek/Spanish)
  • Yoninah - little dove. (Hebrew)
  • Zyta - tender. (Polish)

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