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""My candle burns at both ends;
It will not last the night,
But ah, my foes, and oh, my friends,
It gives a lovely light."

"Never have so many owed so much to so few."

"From the Center which we call the race of Man,
Let the Plan of Love and Light work out,
And may it seal the Door where Evil Dwells."

  • Bailey, Alice A. (1880-1949).  The "Wizard of the 7 Rays;" Alice Bailey was the channeller for the Master Djwhal Khul, otherwise known as "The Tibetan," Lord of the 2nd Ray.  Her extensive channeled works include a full treatise on the 7 Ray energies of creation, the Initiations, and Esoteric Psychology.  Alice Bailey also channeled "The Great Invocation," one of the most powerful spiritual invocations available to us today. 
  • Blavatsky, Helena P.. (1831-1891).  Founder of the Theosophical movement, reintroduced the ideas of karma and reincarnation to the West, first to postulate the existence of the 7 ray energies; creator of the basis of modern esoteric thought with her book "The Secret Doctrine". 
  • Cayce, Edgar (1877-1945).  An American wizard, Edgar Cayce was one of the most powerful mages in incarnation at the time.  Shy and retiring, somewhat ashamed of his power (fighting against a heavily-imposed Christian dogma during his childhood), Cayce provided over 14,000 trance-channeled psychic "readings" for people, healing, and world prophecy during his lifetime.  Cayce was the first to reintroduce people to Atlantean history through his channelings, and made certain predictions regarding the "End Times" scenario. 
  • Cedercrans, Lucille.   In 1957, Lucille Cedercrans provided the channeled information for the course of study known as "Nature of the Soul," a streamlined, easily followed method of meditation using Western and Eastern though synthesis.  Nature of the Soul's purpose is to help humanity create a Divine Alignment through the power of their Soul and render conscious creation through a process of ceremonial magic. 
  • Crowley, Aleister. (1875 -1947)  The wizard of "shock effect," Aleister Crowley had a reputation as an evil adept although this was actually far from the truth.  Like the pop star Madonna, Crowley relied upon his extremist and shocking behaviors to "get the point across" to the rest of Humanity.  Crowley proposed the Thelemic philosophy, whose sole motto was "Do what thou will shall be the Whole of the Law," emphasizing the need to exercise one's free will in all things, especially the creative process. 
  • Fortune, Dion.  (1890-1946)  Christened as Violet Mary Firth,  the "High Priestess" of the Golden Dawn, Dion Fortune (her name taken from her family's crest motto 'Deo, non Fortuna') was a master wizard steeped in ceremonial magic, qaballah, and ancient Egyptian magical tradition.  A prolific writer of both esoteric fiction and non-fiction, her fictional works contained just as much necessary arcane information as did her non-fictional works.  Noted works by her are "The Goat-Foot God," "The Sea Priestess," "The Secrets of Dr. Taverner," "Psychic Self-Defense," "Mystic Qabala," and "The Magical Battle of Britain."  The last work refers to her participation in the esoteric war waged during World War II which, directed at Nazi Germany, may have been the cause for Hitler's abandoning his plans to fully invade England.
  • Hall, Manly Palmer One of the great American wizards, Manly Hall was influential in the enlightenment of many who sought the path of wisdom in the 20th century.  M. P. Hall wrote many works upon wizardry, spirituality, qabalism, esoteric astrology, and Ascension.  He is also responsible for starting the Psychical Research Society (PRS), which exists today in Los Angeles, CA. 
  • Levi, Eliphas. (1810-1875)  A master adept and qaballist of the 19th century, Eliphas Levi wrote many books upon ceremonial magic, Tarot, and qaballa that later influenced many of the wizards involved in the Golden Dawn, including MacGregor Mathers, Arthur Edward Waite, Aleister Crowley, and Wynn Westcott.  Much is owed to him in bringing to print many of the "forgotten" ancient wisdom teachings. 

  • Mathers, S. L. MacGregor.  (1854 - 1918)  One of the founding "fathers" of the Hermetic Order of the Golden Dawn, MacGregor Mathers was a highly eclectic, master adept responsible for many of the inroads made by the society.  Among other things, Mathers first translated into English the great qabalistic work "Kaballah Denutada", or the Kaballah Unveiled, by Rosenroth.  He also brought Enochian Magic into modern magical practice, and was responsible for influencing Tarot studies within the order; for which knowledge we owe him much to this day.
  • Regardie, Dr. Francis Israel.  (1907-1985)  The last living wizard of the Golden Dawn, Israel Regardie was a healer, ceremonial magician, alchemist, and qabalist.  Originally associated with A. Crowley, Regardie later broke with Crowley and joined the Golden Dawn under the tutelage and assistance of Dion Fortune.  It was Regardie who, in 1937, published the rituals and teachings of the Golden Dawn, making them accessible for the first time to the rest of Humanity.  Regardie later incorporated Jungian thought and Roscicrucian philosophy into his works.  It is to his efforts that we owe much of the mass understanding and acceptance of magical working to this day.
  • Steiner, Rudolf. (1861-1925).  The "Wizard of Education," Rudolf Steiner was a master wizard involved heavily in the teaching of practical magic to people of all ages.  His teachings helped to found a set of schools and colleges that are now worldwide.  Steiner was the founder of the philosophical study of Anthroposophy, or the magic of Spiritual Love; thus recognizing that true magic comes only from the Creative Love Source. 
  • Waite, Arthur Edward. A master wizard and integral figure of the Golden Dawn, Waite devised an easily-interpretable Tarot deck that is the most popular deck in use even today.  Waite was a numerologist and mathematician, steeped in Esoteric Lore.


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