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Lithuanian Goddess Names


Among pre-Christian Lithuanians, Aspelenie was honored as goddess of home and hearth. She took the form of a friendly serpent.

Bee Goddess.

In Lithuanian mythology, goddess of the darkness and one of the three goddesses that ruled the passing hours, along with Austrine (dawn) and Zleja (midday).

Goddess of the bakery.

Goddess of the hearth fire. To honor her, one throws salt on the fire.

Goddess of death.

Household goddess.

Because all life came from her, this Lithuanian earth goddess was honored at the birth of every child, when the soil was tenderly kissed both morning and evening; food offerings were laid in front of piled stones, tied to tree boughs, or cast into flowing water to thank Zemyna for the new life. Her special area of concern was all plant life. Plant and human life were believed to flow together, with souls taking up residence after death in trees. Women lived on in lindens and spruce; men, in oaks, maples and birches. Virginal young girls survived as lilies; village ancestors resided in fruit trees.

Goddess of the hunt and of animals.



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