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Indonesian Mythology Goddess Names


In Indonesia, she is honored as a Lady of "Infinite Light." She saves souls.

Ba Ngu'
The Annam of Indonesia see the dolphin as a benevolent creature. The dolphin is actually a goddess, who rescues sailors. Dead dolphins which are found at sea or wash up on shore are ceremonially buried.

A beautiful witch who builds her house with the bones of the men she has seduced.

Duc Ba
Like the Nymphae of Greco-Roman mythology, the Askefruer of Northern Europe, and Yaksha (Hindu), the Duc Ba are feminine spirits of trees. They are worshipped by the Annam of Indonesia.

Empung Luminuut
A popular goddess of the Minahas, on the northern peninsula of the Indonesian island Sulawesi (Celebes). She is the first deity, born from a rock and impregnated by the western wind. She gave birth to the sun god Toar. With her son they became the primordial pair of gods, and both gods and man are their descendants.

A goddess similar to Persephone, whose rape, death and ascent to the heavens as the Moon would guarantee the Earth's fertility.
Ineno Pae
("mother of rice") A goddess worshipped in Indonesia, Malaya and Celebes. The first sheaf of rice harvested is so named and honoured. Seven ears are cut from it, and cradled as the 'Rice-Child'.



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