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Incan Goddesses


This was the name given to the sacred sun virgins among the Inca. In times of dire emergencies they willingly sacrificed their lives to appease the gods.

The Inca personification of planet Venus. Chasca is a servant of the Sun. She was honored as a goddess of the dawn and twilight, and the special protectress of virgins and young girls.

An Inca lake-goddess whose worship was centered on Tiahuanaco, near Lake Titicaca. She is said to have submerged the temples of the other gods beneath the lake.

The goddess of marriage. She represented the moon, her consort was the sun.

Mama Allpa
The harvest and earth goddess from Inca mythology. She was often portrayed with many breasts, indicating fertility and the nourishing powers of the earth.

Mama Cocha
("sea mother") The Inca goddess of the sea, provider of fish and patroness of fishermen and mariners. The supreme god Viracocha is her husband.

Mama Oello
Daughter of the sun god Inti and the moon goddess Mama Quilla, she is the Inca mother goddess. She taught her children, the Inca, the art of spining.

Mama Quilla
("Mother Moon", "Golden Mother") She is the Inca moon goddess, daughter of Viracocha (the creator god) and wife of Inti. Her son was Manco Capac I (the first Inca ruler), and Mama Oello is her daughter. Her representative on earth was the foremost wife of the Inca ruler. She oversaw marriages, the calendar and feast days.



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