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Hungarian Goddess Names


A Hungarian virgin-goddess, patroness of mother and child, and of birth. Her name means "happy mistress", but she is also called Nagy (boldog)asszony ("big mistress") or Kis (boldog)asszony ("little mistress"). With the advent of Christianity she was syncretized with the Virgin Mary.

A Hungarian witch, the mother of the demon Sarkany. She can turn a person into a horse. Originally, Boszorkany was a male magician.

A mythical Hungarian queen. She was impregnated in her dream by the hawk Turul. From her breast flowed a stream of liquid fire and she gave birth to a boy, whom she named Almos. He is, together with his own son Arpad, considered to be the founder of Hungary.

The goddess of the sun, who rode through the sky mounted simultaneously on three horses.

The goddess of the dawn, a hot-blooded young woman who baked men who came to court her.



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