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Hittite Goddesses

The Hittite goddess of the sun and warlike protectress. She is the wife of the weather god.

The sun goddess of the Hittites and the spouse of Tarhun.

A fertility goddess.

The Hittite mother goddess, to whom bees are sacred. The fertility god Telepinus was missing, and his absence brought drought to the land. Hannahannas sent one of her bees to find him, and it succeeded where other methods had failed.

The great goddess Hebat represented the sun-mother as ruler of heavenly enlightenment. Her dying and reborn consort, Teshub, parallels the Egyptian Isis/Osiris/Horus legend. Her headdress suggests the fountain of life and cup of immortality. The peaceful lion shows she is interconnected with the animal world. Her nursing baby is the numinous ever-coming child of Light. Hebat also parallels the Hebrew goddess Ashtoreth who was frequently shown flanked by lionesses or standing on top of a lion. Threshing floors were dedicated to Hebat, possibly even the one David purchased on Mount Moriah where King Solomon built his Temple.
The Hittite messenger goddess of the sky god Kumarbis.
(Inara) The Hittite goddess who assisted the storm god Hooke, by intoxicating the dragon Illuyankas with drink. She would seduce mortal men and lock them up in her house.
The Hittite goddess of healing and magic.
The chief goddess of the neo-Hittite peoples cantered on Carchemish, where she had been the local goddess. She was adopted by the Phrygians, who called her Cybele.
A Hittite earth goddess connected with the significant spring festival of Purulli.



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