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Hawaiian Goddesses

She is a goddess honored by the Hawaiians, particularly canoe builders. Her tale is an example of natural phenomena and human experience being mythologized.

The goddess of the land of the dead.

The creatress of the first man.

A Hawaiian earth goddess, Pele's mother

A beautiful mortal woman with whom the fertility god Lono fell in love. They lived together happily near Kealakekua Bay, until he murdered her because he doubted her fidelity. Mad with guilt and remorse he rampaged around the island, finally leaving with a promise to return on a floating island of plenty. This story is dramatized by rituals occuring annually at the beginning of the fertile season.
The Queen of Fire, she was the daughter of the Earth Goddess Haumea and dwells in the Kilauea volcano. This wild and fiery goddess is widely venerated in Hawaii and other parts of Polynesia. When eruptions threaten towns it is thought that Pele is angry. Her volcanoes are both destroyers and creators of the earth, since her flowing lava makes new land. Pele's husband, the Frog God Kamapua'a, is the inventor of agriculture. She is depicted with a spouting "lava crest" on her comb headdress. Pele is the goddess of fire, and of the Kilauea Volcano. She is said to appear as a wise crone or a beautiful young woman with a fiery temperament.

As a young woman, Pele met Lohiau; they fell in love and were wed. After awhile she longed to return to her volcano and so left him. Pining away for her, Lohiau nearly died but Pele sent her sister Hiiaka to retrieve him. Hiiaka and Lohiau fell in love during their journey and Pele, after an initial outburst, in an act of generosity, allowed them to leave and be married. She found a new lover, Kamapua'a, whose temperament matched her own and even now their fiery courtship continues.



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