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German Mythology - Goddess Names

The Alrunes were the Lares or Penates of the ancient Germans. An Alruna-wife was the household-goddess. Female demons or sorceresses, mothers of the Huns in ancient Germany. They practiced metamorphosis, changing into all sorts of shapes without changing their sex. The Germans gave the name to little statures, about a foot high. To them the people attributed great virtue, honoring them in similar fashion as the African Negroes honored their fetishes. The statues were richly clothed, given comfortable housing, and served food and drink at every meal. It was believed that if the images were neglected they would bring severe misfortune upon the household.

A goddess from ancient Germany.

("white lady") A goddess of South German mythology. She is akin to the Hulda of North Germany, but after the Christians degraded her into a scary old woman to frighten children. Berchta was sometimes depicted with a long iron nose and one large foot.

A character from German folklore, with characteristics of the Italian Befana and the South German Berchta. She is a White Lady who steals softly into nurseries and rocks infants to sleep, but is the terror of all naughty children.

Ancient German earth goddess

A beautiful siren who sat on a cliff above the Rhine, luring sailors to their death with her song.
The primary deity of the northern Germanic tribes, her name meant "earth". When the wagon displaying her statue was paraded among the tribes, all weapons were put away and all fighting stopped.


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