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Famous Unicorns


Lancelot is a living unicorn in California. He is a very goat-like creature with a ten inch horn on the top of his head. Lancelot was specially bred from Angora goat stock and first appeared to the public in 1980. He was in the circus (may still be) with the Ringling Brothers and Barnum and Bailey Circus in 1980. His owners, G'Zell and Morning Glory are naturalists who have since produced more unicorns.


Ki-Lin is a Chinese unicorn made up of two other unicorns, Ki (male) and Lin (female). Ki-Lin, according to Chinese writers, comes from afar, possibly from heaven. Ki-Lin has no mane, rather a beard, and instead of one horn, has two both of which have rounded tips. It is guessed that Ki-Lin represents earth element just as the tortoise stood for water and the phoenix, fire. Ki-Lin has appeared to Confucius's mother, Confucius himself, Fu Hsi, and Huang Ti.

Isabel's Unicorn

A daughter to the king of Friesland, Isabel was to be wed to a knight. Her wedding present, a unicorn. She, however, did not love the knight (but she did love the unicorn). Instead she loved the jester Bartholomew (later became known as a Knight of the Lion). To stop the love affair, each was told that the other was dead. Isabel fainted at the news and was kidnapped by an admirer and taken to a castle, guarded by a dragon. When Bartholomew found out he went to rescue her. He and a lion saved her. Years later, while the unicorn and lion were playing, the unicorn got its horn stuck in a tree. The lion came out and took a swipe of the unicorn, which died from the wounds. The horn was found by a passer by who used it for medicinal purposes.

Unicorn from Daniel's Dream

In the book of Daniel in the Bible, there is a dream described (that Daniel dreamt) relating to a unicorn. Daniel had dreamed that he was at the River Ulai and by it's bank stood a ram with two horns, one slightly larger than the other. As it stood there it grew in size each time it breathed in. Then a unicorn appeared and it was shaped like a goat, complete with the beard, with eyes of deep red in rage. The unicorn fell into combat with the ram and, using it's longer, sword-like horn, knocked the ram into the water where crimson soon after surfaced. After that the unicorn, horn tipped with blood, began growing in size and the horn fell off, replaced by four smaller horns. Out of the horns grew more and more horns until finally the touched the heavens and stars plummeted in a veil of sparks. The ground was covered heavily with the dust of comets.

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