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Aiken Drum

Aiken Drum is a creature in the form of a man that wore all kinds of eatable clothes, including a cream cheese hat and a coat of roast beef.
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Billy Blind

Billy Blind was a British hobgoblin that became to attached to a family that happened to give good advice. He is also known as Belly Blin and Blind Barlow.
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Black Annis

She is a cannibal hag with a blue face and iron claws that supposedly were used (by her) to dig a cave in the Dane Hills in Leicestershire. She is sometimes called Dana, Anu, or Mother goddess of Ancient Ireland. Maybe even Gentle Annie. It is said you can hear her howls for miles.
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Blue Burches

He was a harmless hobgoblin who played boggart-like pranks in a shoemakers house on the Blackdown Hills in Somerset. He was finally chased into a pond by someone.
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Caelia is a British faerie queen. She is said to have enchanted Tom o' Lincoln, King Arthur's son, with whom she had a son. Their son was a faery knight called Red Rose Knight. Later Caelia drowned herself. According to some sources she is said to be with her three daughters, Fidelia (faith), Speranza (hope), and Charissa (charity), in the House of Holiness.
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Cailleach Bheur

Cailleach Bheur is a blue-faced, lean hag of winter. She is of the Scottish Highlands. It is thought that she may have once been a nature goddess. On the Eve of May Day she throws her staff under a holly tree and turns into a statue until she comes to life again on Halloween.
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A centaur in Greek Mythology known for his wisdom and kindness. He was the tutor of many famous heroes such as Achilles and Aesculapius. Chiron, the only centaur who was immortal, was wounded by Hercules one day. Hercules got into a fight with other centaurs and although Chiron did not fight, he was accidentally hurt and from that time on suffered terrible pain. Unable to bear it, he traded his life for the release of Prometheus.
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Finvarra is the Faerie King of Ulster, but he is often said to be the King of the Dead also.
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Habetrot was the patron faerie of spinners in the Border Country. She does good things for people and though there were some girls that did not enjoy spinning, she was still kind.
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Kukulkan is the chief Mayan god. Also known as Quetzalcˇatl by the Aztecs. He has power over the four elements, earth, water, fire, and air and is considered the god of resurrections and reincarnations. For more information on the "feathered serpent" god, check out
Encyclopedia Mythica.
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Lady of the Lake

The Lady of the Lake is of King Arthur's time. She is the faerie who stole the baby Lancelot from his mother and carried him off to a magic island where she brought him up to conquer the enemy who harassed her cowardly son. She is also said to be an enemy of King Arthur, but it was she who gave him the Excalibur and she was one of the three queens who appeared, when summoned by the sword, to carry him away in a barge to the Isle of Avalon where his wounds would be healed.
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A British night sprite, Mab brings nightmares to dreamers. Thought to be derived from the Welsh goddess Mabb, who corresponds to the Irish goddess Maeve. She is also described as being a pixie or elf, but most famously, by Shakespeare, as a faeries midwife. In some tales Mab is the queen of the faeries. For more information on Mab check out The Great Goddess in Celtic Tradition.
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Nuckelavee is one of the most horrible creatures ever to come into existence. He is an Orkney sea-monster (like a bad centaur). His lower half is a four-legged horse with fiery eyes and a horribly poisonous breath. Out of the back of this horse half came the body, arms so long that they could almost sweep the ground, a head too large that rolled on the shoulders for he had no neck. This, however, was not the worst of him. Nuckelavee had no skin and his veins were black. Two things could stop him; fresh water and running water.
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Peg O'Nell

Peg O'Nell is an evil spirit of the river Ribble in Lancashire. One year in a seven year span she is supposed to claim a life, and if a cat or dog has not been drowned to satisfy her she takes the life of a human.
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Peg Powler

Peg Powler is a water-demon of the River Tees. Her hair is long and green and arms long so that she can stretch them out to catch children who stray to close to the water.
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Simurgh first started out as a lion-bodied bird but eventually turned all bird. Simurgh is said to live at the Tree of Knowledge whose branches have the seed of every plant that has ever existed. This Persian bird is believed to have a magical touch that heals on contact, and have seen the world destroyed and created three times, thus having the knowledge of every age that has existed. Simurgh is said to be so large it can carry an elephant. It is also known to take children to nurse or adopt.
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