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So you want to be an evangelist!

The first thing to realize is that an evangelist is a performer, and as such his name is his calling card. Consider Billy Sunday. Where would he be today if he'd gone by his real name - John Davis? Probably dead and in his grave. And what of Estus Pirkle, Rod Parsley, Creflo Dollar, and Benny Hinn? Where would they be today if they'd kept their respective given names: Ed Clark, Tom Johnson, Mike Smith, and Jeff Hill?

The most difficult thing to decide, once you've accepted the call of God to enter the ministry, is what name you will adopt. Save yourself heartache and use ENG - our Evangelist Name Generator. It's EASY, it's FREE, and it's AVAILABLE NOW! And with millions of permutations it's unlikely that anyone else will generate YOUR name.

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