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Goddess Names of Columbia

The primordial mother and creator goddess of the Chibche people of Colombia. After she finished the Creation (she mated with her own son to produce the human race), she returned as a snake to the sacred lakes. Bachue is also a goddess of farming.

The moon-goddess of the Colombian Muisca (Chibcha). It is believed that she caused the deluge that flooded the world. She disappeared somewhere in the west, where she left her footprints on the rocks.

In Chibcha myth, the goddess of sensual pleasure. This fun-loving goddess advised the people to live a life of merrymaking, joy and laughter instead of just obeying the laws. It is said that she was turned into an owl or the moon by Bochica, the god of law.

The Chibcha goddess of indulgence, drunkenness, and licence. The Moon Goddess to the ancient Chibcha, who lived in what is now Columbia. Huitaca was depicted as an owl. Representing the spirit of joy and pleasure, she was constantly at odds with the male Bochica (or Nemquetcha), who stood for hard work, and a solemn approach to daily living. In some legends, Huitaca was the wife of Bochica, whom she had tried to ruin by destroying his believers by way of a great flood. He took vengance on her by hurling her into the sky, and turning her into the moon.


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