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Goddess Names from Brazil

Asima Si
(Bakairi) Goddess of river and fish who lives in the east mouth (Para) of the Amazon river.

(Bakairi) Cthonic serpent goddess.

(Bakairi) Among Brazilians, a goddess of wilderness. She protects animals from human hunters.

(Bakairi) Death and/or sea goddess.

(Bakairi) Star goddess repsonsible for the creation of all animals.

Evaki is the South American goddess of the Bakairi Indians, the goddess of night and day. She has in her possession a pot with a lid, which she keeps with her at all times. In the morning she pulls the lid off the pot to let the sun out (this is the day). At the end of the day, the sun returns to the pot and she closes the lid, so that the sun cannot be seen anymore (this is the night). Evaki would also steal the sleep from lizard's eyes (which is why their eyes seem to bulge so much). She would share the sleep with the other living things.

(Bakairi) Dolphin goddess who lives in the Amazon river.

(Bakairi) Goddess of the afterworld who returns the souls of the dead to newborn babies.

(Bakairi) Ocean goddess often represented as a mermaid.

(Bakairi) Sea goddess.

(Bakairi) Tree goddess, well known for her capacity for drink.

(Bakairi) Goddess of the jurema (a sacred tree). The tree provides a narcotic used in inducing visions.

(Bakairi) Water goddess, often represented as a snake.

(Botocundo) Supreme goddess.

(Belem) Goddess of healing, protector of sailors (worshipped primarily at port of Belem).

(Bakairi) Moon goddess and supreme being who created the earth and all life on it. Wife of the moon god. Poré.

Rainha Barba
(Belem) Goddess of Thunder and lightning.

(Bakairi) Goddess of fire, represented as a jaguar.

(Bakairi) (Imanje) She is the ocean goddess of the crescent moon. Goddess of the sea. On New Year's Eve, at midnight, those who love Yemanja go to a beach and light a candle in her name. Then, little boats constructed of flowers are set adrift on the waves. If they are taken out to the sea by Yemanja, a good year will come. if they are refused and thrown back onto the sand, it will be a bad year.



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