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Air Creatures and Spirits

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Spending its time searching for veins of silver and gold, this nocturnal creature cannot fly due to its diet. This bird is from Chile.
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The bennu, known as a phoenix in Greek mythology, is a vibrant red and gold bird. This sacred bird of Heliopolis resembles a heron. The bennu lives on an obelisk outside of the sanctuary in Heliopolis where it is worshiped alongside the gods Ra and Osiris. Sometimes considered a manifestation of Osiris himself (sprang from Osiris' heart), this bird is said to have created itself in the fire at the top of the Persea tree. The bennu symbolizes rebirth with its rise from the ashes.
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In ancient times this bird was called "Albinus" for its lack of color. This bird has the unique ability to draw out illness (including blindness) from a human and take it into itself. The bird then flies toward the sun where the sickness is burned away. If the caladrius looks away from the ill person, however, death is in their future.
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Chi Spirits

Chi in Chinese means "energy" which is what the Chi Spirits are all about. They are house spirits similar to brownies however no one has ever seen a Chi Spirit. According to the book A Witch's Guide to Faery Folk, the Chinese will go to great lengths to make sure that the energies of Chi Spirits are not obstruct in any way. Furniture will even be moved to allow the free movement of their energies. If the energy of a Chi Spirit is blocked there is generally no harm to humans. However if there is extreme blockage, hauntings, illness, and disturbances may occur.
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Gans are Apache mountain spirits. They are neither good nore evil and can be found in the mountains of the American Southwest.
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The griffin has the head, fore legs, and wings of an eagle. The body and tail is that of a lion. Sometimes depicted with horns and huge ears, the griffin is a symbol of vigilance and strength. In Greek mythology griffins belonged to Zeus, king of the gods. The griffin is also known by the names Gryphon, Gitto, and Griffith.
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A harpy is a truly interesting sight. With the head (and torso in some sources) of a woman, and body of a vulture, this creature is incredibly filthy. In Greek mythology there are three harpies, all daughters of Electra. Aello, Podarge, and Ocypete were sent by Zeus to steal the food of Phineus, king of Thrace. This was punishment for his ability to predict the future too well in some stories, while in others it was punishment for mistreating his children.
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Shape-shifters that appear as bird, these creatures have been known to gather in groups, buzzing people for the fun of frightening them. No human has ever been reported to have been physically harmed however. They are most active in late afternoon and early evening.
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Only one of these magnificent birds lives at a time. The Phoenix is a beautiful bird resembling an eagle. The phoenix has rainbow-hued wings and scarlet feet. In Greek mythology it was believed that the phoenix was in Arabia, living near a cool well. The phoenix is said to sing a song so beautiful that it stops the sun-god in his chariot. When the feeling of death approaches (500 years, some people say up to 1461 years), the phoenix makes a nest and sets it on fire. In three days, out of the ashes, rises another phoenix. In Egyptian mythology the phoenix is known as the Bennu. For more information about the Phoenix check out The Phoenix.
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The roc is a huge bird believed to have a wingspan of up to 60 ft. This enormous creature can be found in the story, Thousand and One Nights. It is said that this Arabian bird carries off elephants for food and that their eggs measure 50 paces in circumference.
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The Slyphs are small, winged creatures. They have vague human features and appear transparent. They are so light that they float in the air for long periods of time. While doing this they barely use their wings so it is believed that they may be vestigial.
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Some of the information found on this website was extracted from:

A Witches Guide to Faery Folk - features a 230 dictionary of faeries! Natural History of the Unnatural World - London's Cryptozoological Society

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