Tricks Dogs Try to Teach Us

Ever try to teach an old dog new tricks? Ever feel like your dog is trying to teach you a trick? Here are some tricks we try to teach our dogs and some tricks they try to teach us...

Tricks I try to teach my dog

Tape South Park for me

Take a bath

Fetch me a soda/beer

Don't bark and wake the neighbors

Start dinner

Don't fart

Wash the car

Make the bed

Don't pull on the leash
(Don't walk so fast)

Do the laundry

Don't beg for food

Pick up your toys

Clean the house

Do your business in the toilet,
so I don't have to clean up after you
  Tricks my dog tries to teach me

Turn the television off
(or at least turn it down)

Take a bath
(My nose is more sensitive than yours!)

Fetch me a milkbone
(and a Perrier.)

Don't yell at me when I chase away the
neighbor's cat from peeing on your flowers

Where's dinner?
(I'd do it myself if you would let me.)

Don't fart!
(That's disgusting! & remember the nose thing?)

Wash the car!
(It's embarassing to be seen in your dirty car)

Get me a bed
(The floor is cold!)

Don't pull on the leash
(Don't walk so slow!)

Wash my pillow/blanket
(It's starting to smell like you!)

Don't give me food then tell me
not to ask for it next time!

Pick up your clothes
(The laundry basket is right there!)

Get rid of that vacuum cleaner
(It's evil, I tell you, e-vil!)

Do your business in the yard
and not in my water bowl!



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