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Show Stackers - the Winning Edge, by Chinaroad


... Get the edge
on your fellow

Can't get your dog to behave and stand still on the table at the shows? Does your dog stand still while he's examined by the judge?  No?  Well, we've got the problem solver! -


"Bart", a five months old Havanese puppy on the SMALL Show Stacker - TORZA BATTERIES NOT INCLUDED, owned by Sue Shellback of WA
  • Stable!

  • Portable!

  • Affordable!

  • Lightweight!

  • Easy To Use!

  • And They Work!

  • Used by BIS Winners!

They are portable and lightweight, easy to travel with, yet strong and secure for your dog to feel at ease on. A few minutes a day training on the SHOW STACKERS will turn your fidgety dog into the confident show dog a judge will notice, and one you can be proud of!

In the show ring, your dog may have to remain stacked for up to thirty minutes or more depending on the number of exhibits. Make it easy on yourself and your dog, train them on ...

Show Stackers - the winning edge - by Chinaroad

D'arcy, our five months old Lowchen puppy on one of our original prototypes of the SMALL Show Stacker

 SHOW STACKERS     by Chinaroad

Seven years ago my husband Maurie starting making prototypes of the SHOW STACKERS. This is the fifth and final design. With the first design he made I trained a litter of five Löwchen baby puppies who went on to become multi BABY PUPPY IN SHOW winners. That was just the beginning!

We didn't release the SHOW STACKERS for sale until we felt that the design was perfected. In my opinion it is!  Dogs trained on SHOW STACKERS are out there winning consistently!

The SHOW STACKER is used with positive methods, (praise or food reinforcement) and should be a fun exercise for both you and your dog! If you can spare ten minutes of your valuable time twice a day with your dog and the SHOW STACKER, you'll be well and truly on the right track to gain the winning edge on your fellow competitors!

Show Stackers - the Winning Edge, by Chinaroad


The Winning Edge
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