A collection of words that have affected me in some manner.
I believe you'll enjoy them too.




"Where do I start....for it seems so long ago.
For I have nowhere to hide and no where to go.
My eyes are all cloudy...and I can barely see.
Fear surrounds me, when will I be free.

My body is small...and I tremble in fear
I walk by the road, but there is nothing here.
I'm tired and wet, my strength is so weak.
My heart beats slowly, my future is bleak.

I let out a cry, but the night is so dark.
Will someone save me, and come to my bark.
With each hour that passes, the colder I get.
Being lost in this world, I just try to forget.

I need to be found, or there'll be no tomorrow.
There is no need of weeping, there's too much sorrow.
I reach out my paw to an empty space.
I close my eyes and hope to touch your face.



Though I am ready to die, there comes a bright light
Will they see me... it's such a wonderful sight.
Do I hear voices? What is that sound...
They pick me up, I can't believe that I'm found.

My prayers have been answered, I can feel your touch
It's the most soothing feel....thank you very much.
I know that I look bad, but there is so much good inside.
Make me all better, and I'll stay by your side.

Now I can see, and I hope this dream never ends.
I have a wonderful life, with you as my friends.
Why am I so lucky, when there are so many like me.
They will never find what I have, and never be free.

As you sit there and think, please close your eyes...
Open your ears and hear their sweet cries.
It's a cry for hope, it's a cry for love.
We are your gifts from the heavens above.

~ both written by broadcaster Steve Capprizzo from WTEN's Pet Connection ~



My job is making puppies, and I get two tries at that.
They pat me on the head and say "good boy"--and that's that.
It's half my job to give 'em teeth and toplines, fronts, and other.
Remember, it's only half my job. They also have a mother.

It's not my job to carry pups and make 'em grow and nurse 'em,
And feed and clean and make 'em strong, that's for their mother and a person.
It's not my job to wean and feed the calcium and the food.
And stack and gait and housebreak and make 'em a showing brood.

It's not my job to plan the breeding and learn what produces well.
To study pedigrees, learn what's there, and pick out what to sell.
It's not my job to deliver a winner, it's only genes I sell.
But let the puppies turnout bad and guess who catches hell!

Author Unknown

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