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The Messenger

Copyright Jim Willis 2001

I dreamed I came upon a meadow 
sunlit and fragrant, a small dog at my side. 
As we walked on in silence I saw 
across the blue ribbon of a river, a field, 
where animal spirits licked the morning dew 
from brilliant poppies...basked in sunshine... 
batted at butterflies. 

"Is this Heaven?" I asked. 
He nodded yes and as we rounded a bend in the path, 
I saw ahead a wondrous garden 
surrounded by a halo of mist, 
where animals and children lay among the flowers. 
Cool breezes rustled leaves 
and over all hung an aura of beauty and peace. 

"Is this Heaven, too?" I asked. 
"An honored place," he said, "for those who lived 
a Hell on Earth - who died of neglect, torture, 
unloved, unwanted and abandoned." 

We walked on until we came to a precipice 
that overlooked a dark canyon. 
Lightning crashed above the horizon 
and illuminated iron prisons on the desert floor. 
I heard the wails of captive men, 
the screams of women imploring for water, 
railing against the absence of Light amidst an acrid smoke. 

Before I could ask he answered, "These were their tormentors." 

We continued solemnly 
until the sound of laughter and music greeted us, 
and we came upon a village square, 
where carefree women, children and men played at games, 
or walked arm in arm. 
"They are happy," I said. 
He agreed and replied, "These were their rescuers. 
They are blessed above all." 

I spent time among them until I awoke, bathed in a new peace. 
For no matter what this Earthly day may bring, 
I knew that no wrongful deed goes unpunished, 
nor is any saving grace without its reward. 

I hugged my small dog closer to my chest 
and blessed him as a messenger of truth and love.

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for more poetry by Jim Willis.


  • AD (attention deficit)

  • ARB (ace refrigerator bandit)

  • BW (butt wagger)

  • BWX (butt wagger excellent)

  • CC (cat - courser)

  • CCX (cat - courser excellent)

  • CP (couch potato)

  • CPX (couch potato excellent)

  • CSX (counter surfer extraordinaire)

  • GFIY (go fetch it yourself)

  • HHP (House Hold Pet)

  • IDDI (I didn't do it)

  • ILF (I like food)

  • ILLF (I like lots of food)

  • IWFF (I work for food)

  • LD (lap dog)

  • LDX (lap dog excellent)

  • OWTH (Oh, What The Heck)

  • TBF (thick but friendly)

  • TGS (terribly good snorer)

  • TGAN (terribly good at nothing)

  • TSIM (that seat is mine)

  • TTIM (that toy is mine)

  • UNCD (under the covers dog)

  • UNCDX (under the covers dog excellent )

  • WM (who me?)





  • Pet dogs shed...show dogs blow coat.

  • Pet dogs are in heat...show dogs come into season

  • Pet dogs trot...show dogs gait

  • Pet dogs stand...show dogs stack

  • Pet dogs get a bath...show dogs are groomed

  • Pet dogs beg for treats...show dogs bait

  • Pet dogs raid the garbage...obedience dogs show a natural tendency for scent articles

  • Pet dogs jump the fence...obedience dogs demonstrate natural jumping ability

  • Pet dogs poop...obedience dogs do their business

  • Pet dogs bark at other dogs...obedience dogs show excitement


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