PVC Weave Poles

This recipe makes two sets of six free-standing weave poles, which you can combine for a set of 12. Due to its nature (PVC), it may not be sturdy enough for large dogs with high drive.


(All PVC is 3/4 inch Schedule 40)

12 - 24-36" pieces (for poles - height can vary depending on your dog's height)
16 - "T" connectors
10 - 19" pieces for between the poles
4 - 9-1/2" pieces for the four ends
8 - 11" pieces for legs
8 - caps for legs
12 - 6 x 1/2" screws for "T" joints in the base (flat-head sheet metal screws)
PVC glue
PVC cutter tool or saw
Drill with 3/8" bit
Optional: 12 caps for tops of poles
Colored plastic for pole marking
PVC cleaner to remove lettering on pipe

Pre-assemble according to drawing to be sure you've got it right. Glue dries quickly so you want to be right before you glue.

When gluing, be sure the poles are all in the same plane - glue the supporting feet on last so you can lay the poles flat on the ground to keep them all in the same alignment. Once the glue is dry, carefully drill holes to secure the "T"s to the 19" base pieces to help prevent twisting. The two sets of six poles will fit together so there is the same spacing between poles 6 and 7 as between the other poles. (In use they can be held together with little metal wickets so the two sets stay together as your dog is weaving.)

[Adapted from instructions written by
Lynnda L & Nancy A, March 2000.
Our thanks to them, whoever they are!]


This information was provided by Mountain View Dog Training for educational purposes only.



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